These are quotes from what the people who attended the BMS symposium  in 1994 remembered from their experiences at the symposium and in India iteslf..... Hope you enjoy reading them!


"The thing I remember the most about India was the myriad of feelings I  had while there. Experiencing the diversity of sounds, tastes, smells, cultures was fascinating, as was learning about the many cultural traditions and beliefs that form the face of India. The brightness of
the people--the clothes, the expressions--in an environment that most  Americans would consider bleak was profoundly touching. I think the thing that touched me most was that I not only learned about India, but that my experiences allowed me to perceive my own culture with a new "pair of glasses". It's often said that one never leaves India the same as they came, and from my experience, I would wholeheartedly agree. "

- Misti Wuori (WU - '96)

The things I remember most about the symposium in India:
-The dance recital - phenomenal
-Trekking up the stone staircases (Nandi Hills??) and having to share the staircase with a cow walking the opposite direction!!
-Lillian leading the sing-a-long at the top
-Mukund singing Manjula!
-Drawing lots of attention in the streets of Bangalore because I'm so tall (I felt like a celebrity!)

-Dave Lyons (WU - 94)


**I will always remember the BMS symposium as the first time the fellows really sat down and talked to each other. At the two previous symposiums, our numbers were smaller and we were still trying to figure out what the MF was really about. The BMS symposium was different - I remember long hours where the fellows heatedly debated a new structure (discussion groups) and it seemed at times as if we would never reach an agreement. But in the end we came together as a group and I think we all felt like we had won a hard fought battle and in the process gotten to really know each other.

- Kate Pecher (WU-95)


The 1994 symposium is my first symposium which meant a lot to me. I met the friends face to face for the first time. So many unforgetable moments made the trip so wonderful, like the dinner at the top of Nandi hill. people sat around in a room, the ufro TT playing the Guitar, others singing, and dancing. ...
- Yu Jie  (ZU  - '96)

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