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Where to stay...

Most of Varanasi’s better and more expensive hotels lie on its peripheries, either in the Cantonment in the north or in the commercial belt in places like Sadar Bazar, and staying away from the hustle is certainly conducive to a peaceful night’s sleep. However, to experience the full ambience and mystery of the city, you have to stay close the ghats and the lanes of Vishwanatha. Small lodges make this ideally suited for the budget-conscious traveller.

Hotels in Varanasi

ITDC Varanasi Ashok
The Mall,
Tel :(542)46020-30
Fax : 0542-348089.

Hotel Hindustan International
C21/3 Maldahiya,
Tel : (542)351485-90
Fax : 0542-350931

Hotel Taj Ganges
C21/3 Maldahiya,
Tel :(542)351485-90
Fax : 0542-350931.

Hotel Clarks
The Mall,
Tel :(542)348501-10
Fax : 0542-348186.

Hotel Ideal Tops
The Mall,
Tel :(542)348091-92
Fax : 0542-348685.

Hotel India
59 Patel Nagar,
Tel :(542)43309,
Fax : 0542-342912.

Hotel Malti
Vidyapeeth Road,
Tel :(542)356844, 351395.

Hotel Pallavi International
Hathwa Place
Tel :(542)356939-42,
Fax : 0542-322943.

Hotel de-Paris
The Mall,
Tel : (542)46601-8,
Fax : 0542-348520.

Hotel Pradeep
Tel : (542)344963, 344594,
Fax : 0542-334898.

Other Accommodation

Railway Retiring Rooms
Varanasi Cantt.
Railway Station

U.P.T.D.C. Tourist Bungalow
Parade Kothi, Cantt.,
Tel : (542)43413.

U.P.T.D.C. Tourist Bungalow

Paying Guest Accommodation
‘The Nest’,
C/o, Mr. S K Roy,
B 21/122 A2,
Kamachha, near Baijnath Mandir
Tel : (542)360137.

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