This page contains some info on shopping in India. It is mostly compiled from mails sent earlier by Tara and Shiv Arya.

SARIS -- This is something which those of you who've attended previous symposiums would have seen the Indian girls wearing on the Inaugural Day. The prices of silk saris depend on the amount of zari ( gold thread ) work on it. The more the zari work, the higher the cost. The range is could get silk saris for as less as $30 and you might even see some which cost as much as $200 or even higher!!!

To know more about the sari visit

SALWAR KAMEEZ -- This is again something which you would have seen the BMS girls wearing at symposiums. A cotton salwar kameez set could cost you at least $12 and the more formal silk salwar kameez sets could cost you around $35-$40 and above.

LEHENGA CHOLI / SHARARA / LACHA / GHAGRA CHOLI -- These are all basically the same - a long ethnic skirt, worn with a blouse (which has a lot of embroidery and zari work on it), and a dupatta (veil). The price range starts from $48 onwards. If you are interested you could check out this site

ETHNIC JEWELLERY -- It is difficult to tell you the exact cost but you could
get sets (necklace + earrings) for around $10.

FOOTWEAR -- Kolhapuri leather chappals (slippers) cost around $2. Joothis traditional footwear worn with salwar kameezs, etc) cost around $3-$5.


Here are the prices of a few items that would give you a general idea of what you could expect to pay for the other goods here in India. ..

List Price: $49.95

Price offerred by $29.97

Price of Indian Edition: $9