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The picturesque capital of Rajasthan, Jaipur is color washed pink-the color associated with hospitality in Rajput culture. Built in 1727 A.D. by Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh II, Jaipur displays a remarkable harmony and architectural splendor. The ancient heart of the Pink City still beats in its fairy-tale palaces, rugged fortresses perched on barren hills and broad avenues that dot the entire city. The only planned city of its time, Jaipur is encircled by a formidable wall.

A young Bengali architect, Vidyadhar Bhattacharya formalised the city’s plans in a grid system. The wide straight avenues. Roads, streets, lanes and uniform rows of shops on either side of main bazaars were arranged in nine rectangular city sectors (Chokris), in accordance with the principles of town planning set down in the ‘Shilpa Shastra’- and epochal treatise on the Hindu architecture.

There is a timeless appeal to Jaipur’s colorful bazaars where one can shop for Rajasthani handlooms and trinkets. Beautifully laid out gardens and parks, attractive monuments and marvelous heritage hotels, once the residence of Maharaja’s are worth admiration. Not to mention the ambling camels and cheerful people in multi-hued costumes that make your trip to the pink city a memorable one.


Jaipur is 262 kms from Delhi and is well connected by road, rail and air. A big fleet of deluxe and air conditioned buses is operated by the Rajasthan Roadways between Delhi and Jaipur. A special luxury train, the Palace on Wheels starts from Delhi on a round trip of Rajasthan.


Area :Jaipur City (Municipal limits 64.75 sq. km. ,Pink City 9.8 sq. km.)
Altitude : 431 metres
Climate : Mean Max. Mean Min.
Summer : 45.0 degree C 25.8 degree C
Winter : 22.0 degree C 8.3 degree C
Best Season : Spetember- March
Clothing : Summer light tropical
Winter: light woollen
Languages : English, Hindi, Rajasthani.


Jaipur is a shoppers paradise. From the time of its foundation its builders took special care to provide ample space and facilities for the production and marketing of handicrafts which made the place famous throughout India. Entire street and city sectors were earmarked by Vidhyadhar for the artisans and traders.

This is one of the few places where the shoppers may actually watch the skilled artisans producing the articles he or she wants to busy.

The main markets are along Jauhari Bazar, Badi Chaupar and M. I. Road. Shops specialising in precious and semi-precious stones, ornaments and jewellery are to be found on and along Jahauri Bazar, but in order to see the celebrated minakars, kundan workers, gem- cutters and ornament-makers at work it is necessary to visit their workshops on the Jadiyon-ka-Rasta, Gopal ji-ka-Rasta, Haldiyon-ka-Rasta and the adjoining lanes.

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