This page is meant to assist all of you to plan your pre-symposium and/or post-symposium travel. Our intention is to provide all the necessary information, but considering the size of information, this is impossible. We shall try to add information sufficient to cover all important places, but if you feel that we have left out something, please let us know.            

- BMS Symposium Travel Committee.

India is a huge country and each part, each state, each city, each town, and each village has a history, culture and sometimes language of its own. Hence each of these cities would be interesting to the tourists unfamiliar with Indian Culture. But there are some places that stand out for their sheer beauty, unique culture and long history. We have listed below some of these places in India. These places are very popular with the tourists coming to India. Some of the pages contain links to other places. We encourage you to follow the links.

North India:

South India:

Note: If you have noticed, South India has only one state listed. This does not mean that South India has nothing to offer. South India is as interesting as the North and has a culture that is sometimes diagonally opposite to the culture of the North. It is just that we didn't have enough time to collect material on South India. We encourage to visit other Indian Travel sites that provide information on South India.