Find below a list of things that we advise you to get for the symposium. This list does not replace any list sent before. It only adds to any list
previously sent. Also note that this is may not be the final list. But until we can think of something else, this is final.

1. During the symposium, we plan to have an evening where Meltonites are encouraged to demonstrate their talent in fields other than having lengthy discussions, sending lengthy mails, forming umpteen committees and sending "I am offline - I am online" mails. We therefore encourage you to comeprepared to

a. Sing

b. Dance.

c. Party

d. Anything else you can think of as long as it doesn't violate Indian laws. ........ So if possible, bring along your song books, cassettes/Cds of your favourite dance numbers, new dance steps that you want to teach the whole foundation etc.

Note : Just joking about the lengthy mails and committees stuff.

2. Swim suits (for  a resort that we shall be going). As far as I know, this resort does not sell swim suits and neither will you have time to shop for it when in India. We therefore encourage you to get your swim suits from home.

3. Tracksuits for the sports. PREFERABLY WHITE for cricket.

4. Frequently used Medicines and presciptions.

5. Rain potection wear or Umbrellas.

6. Books to read incase you have a long wait at the airport(which is usually the case) or something.

7. Contact addresses of BMS Alums and Fellows in India (available in BMS Symposium Web Page).

8. Money in dollars(cash & travellers cheques)..